2012-13 Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

When Kevin Durant eventually retires, he’ll be remembered as one of the greatest scorers in NBA history. And he was never more efficient than in 2012-13, even if he ultimately lost out on MVP to his chief rival.

Then throwing up gaudy numbers for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the 24-year-old wholesale jerseys cheap nfl small forward shot 51.0 percent from the field, 41.6 percent from three-point territory and 90.5 percent on free throws to join the elusive 50/40/90 club while averaging 28.1 points. Making his feat even more impressive, he averaged that many points during a season that featured slower tempos than we see in 2016-17. hi-res-b646438af77c3e267de94f5182239f01_crop_exact

Durant has since improved as a facilitator—a main part of the reason he followed this campaign by getting the better of LeBron James and earning the league’s top individual award. He’s grown as a defender, to the point that, when healthy, he’s been an All-Defensive Team contender with the Golden State Warriors. wholesale cheap nfl jersey china

But before this season’s career-best mark, he produced his highest true shooting percentage with Oklahoma City in 2012-13. And given how often he shot, that was enough for him to help carry the Thunder to a 60-win season while he racked up win shares and finished the year trailing only James in NBA Math’s TPA. cheap nfl authentic jerseys wholesale

In Februar, Dwayne Wade received a question on Twitter about whether he should have won MVP cheap wholesale nfl jerseys from china  in 2008-09. His response was to the point: “I always tell Bron to take care of my trophy. It’s like both of ours he just keep it at his HOUSE!”

Kudos to the future Hall of Famer for his self-confidence, but he doesn’t have much of an objective argument. He could argue until he’s blue in the face about his importance to a Miami Heat squad that only barely qualified for the playoffs with a 43-39 record, and that’s where he’d have a point cheap wholesale nfl jerseys china  But that doesn’t tend to work in most MVP discussions, especially when compared to the leader of a 66-16 squad with superior individual metrics:

After Desperate Deadline Deals, Cavs Still Face Same Question: Save Us, LeBron?

CLEVELAND — The headlines wrote themselves.

The minute the final buzzer blew and the clock showed three zeroes, Isaiah Thomas’ first game against his former team spun off a litany of takes. Did the Cleveland Cavaliers pull the trade cheap wholesale nfl jerseys china trigger too soon? Was this—the 20 points, nine assists and five rebounds—the Thomas the Cavs thought they were getting when they acquired him for Kyrie Irving, among other moving pieces, seven months earlier?

Sure, it took Thomas 16 shots to get 20 points. Yes, the All-NBA guard was exploited defensively, catching the wrong end of a LeBron James pick-and-roll. But Thomas’ Lakers produced a resounding win, while the players he was traded for—Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson—had 20 points combined with worse efficiency.

The Cavaliers turned a post-Christmas skid into one giant slam of the reset button. In one of the more substantial reboots the cheap nfl wholesale jerseys NBA has seen in the last decade, general manager Koby Altman shipped out six players and acquired four, doing so in hopes of improving fit and locker room morale. Since the Feb. 8 trade deadline, however, results have been mixed, as the team has gone 8-7.

Cleveland, despite having a post-All-Star break schedule littered with lottery-bound teams, is the owner of the fourth wholesale jerseys cheap nfl seed and sits just a half-game ahead of the Washington hi-res-d44b612dd26bbd731dc1b06509722107_crop_northWizards. Thomas, meanwhile, has produced a month of March that has seen averages of 19.4 points, 6.4 assists and 2.6 wholesale cheap nfl jersey china rebounds, while the Lakers—a youth-filled team in the midst of a rebuild—have won eight of their last 11 games.

While IT is just one of the 10 players involved in Cleveland’s trade-deadline machinations, what if his recent success is indicative of larger issues? What if the Cavaliers’ first-half struggles were not a Thomas problem as much as they were (and still are) a Cavaliers problem?

Worse: What if the trades—the ones made to jump-start a team in search of its fourth consecutive NBA Finals appearance cheap wholesale nfl jerseys from china—cause the engine to backfire?

Washington V.P. of player personnel Doug Williams nitpicks Kirk Cousins on his way out the door

Cousins’ tenure with Washington is over and Cousins will get a very large contract to play quarterback for another team in the near future. However, that didn’t stop a prominent member of the Redskins franchise taking one last shot at Cousins as he heads out the door.

Doug Williams, a Super Bowl winning quarterback with the Redskins and the team’s senior vice president of player personnel, wholesale cheap nfl jersey china gave his impression of Cousins’ play and being unable to sign Cousins gettyimages-453787682-e1520913149618

It wasn’t exactly glowing.

“We watch opportunities that we didn’t take advantage of, not the yardage,” Williams said of Cousins. “How many opportunities did you pass up? How many opportunities did you give your players to make plays. Little stuff like that.”

No quarterback makes every correct decision in front of him. Not Tom Brady. Not Joe Montana. Not Peyton Manning. Cousins is no exception. However, he’s posted three straight seasons with over 4,000 passing yards and a passer rating of at least 93.9.cheap wholesale nfl jerseys from china

“For me to say he handled right or wrong is not for me to say,” Williams said. “I can only say from my perspective – only me – if I was in his shoes, which I couldn’t be in his shoes, it would be hard for me not to still be here. Being in the nation’s capital, cheap wholesale nfl jerseys china and having something to work with. When you talk about the offensive line, it’s a certain thing. And then there’s the comfortability part of it. No. 8 was here for six years. And had an opportunity to be here for the next five, I’m sure, if that’s what he chose.

“But that’s what free agency is all about. You give a man an opportunity to do what he wants to do. The No. 8 era is over. We got to put that on the side and start the No. 11 or whatever era.cheap nfl jersey wholesale  It’s over.”

Washington erred by being cautious and waiting to offer Cousins a long-term contract. The quarterback market was always going to increase exponentially and Cousins’ play over the last three years ensured he was only going to become more and more expensive to keep around. That has given Cousins the chance to hit the market and choose his destiny. It’s no wonder he’s choosing somewhere other than Washington.