The Latest on the Saga of the Wandering Dez


Despite the fact that wide receiver Dez Bryant has been without a team since the Dallas Cowboys released him in mid-April, he said online that he doesn’t regret turning down a multiyear contract offer from the Ravens.custom nfl jerseys

“Nope not one bit and very appreciative for the offer,” Bryant tweeted. “What’s crazy is how reports like this will try to tarnish someone’s character.. the slight jab saying it’s not easy to get along with. I thought the media would give up by now with betraying me as something that I’m not.”

Bryant didn’t specify the jab, but there have been rumbles that his reputation and attitude may have cooled some teams’ interest.

He has at least one person trying to find him work who isn’t his agent. Newly minted Monday Night Football analyst (and former teammate) Jason Witten told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on a podcast that the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints would be a good fits.customized nfl jerseys

“I think Dez is certainly going to have some great opportunities,” Witten said. “He’s motivated, and I think he’s going to end up going to the Green Bay Packers. I think that’s a great spot for him.”

However, after Witten’s comments surfaced, Ian Rapoport of said that while the Packers have considered Bryant, “nothing is imminent.” The Saints’ level of interest in unknown, although at this point, it’s worth pointing out the team didn’t refute Witten’s speculation.

Both would be good landing spots. nfl custom jerseys cheap Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are veteran quarterbacks who are capable of putting the ball in a spot where Bryant could use his physicality to go and get it.

Someone’s going to eventually take a flier on the wide receiver. There are too many teams in need at the position, and even if Bryant’s not the player he once was, an incentive-laden contract carries little custom nfl jerseys

But this saga doesn’t appear close to over yet.

Chicago Bears: Offensive Line (Right Side)


There’s something brewing on the shores of Lake Michigan that hasn’t been seen in a good long while.

As quarterback Mitchell Trubisky enters his second year, he’ll do so with a revamped receiving corps that includes a No. 1 wideout in Allen Robinson and a rookie playmaker in Anthony Miller. They also drafted an impact defender eighth overall in Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith.

But despite what has to be considered a successful offseason, problems remain for the Bears—chief among them the offensive line’s right side.

Right tackle Bobby Massie is an average (at best) starter who’s heading into a contract year with precious little depth behind him. Right guard Kyle Long is attempting to regain his Pro Bowl form after a litany of injuries wrecked each of his cheap custom nfl jerseys last two seasons.

It would take less time to rattle off Long’s parts that haven’t been injured over that span.

Both Long and Massie are being counted on to play big roles in Chicago’s attempt to leave the NFC North basement behind them.

It’s a gamble.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has a bit of Jekyll and Hyde to his game. Afford the 30-year-old a clean pocket, and Dalton can pick apart a defense with the best of them. Get in Dalton’s face though, and things can get customized nfl jerseys

Thanks to the awful play of tackles Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher last year, defenders were in Dalton’s face a lot—and the Bengals missed the playoffs for a second straight season as a result.

Cincinnati tried to improve Dalton’s protection in the offseason, trading down in Round 1 in a deal that brought veteran Cordy Glenn to the Queen City. Any move that sends Ogbuehi to the bench has to be considered a positive.

But the Bengals are counting on Glen cheap nfl custom jerseys n’s ability to do something he hasn’t the past couple of years: stay healthy. Over that span, Glenn has missed 15 games—including 10 a year ago thanks to foot and ankle troubles.

There’s a reason the Bills were willing to part with nfl jerseys cheap

Fisher’s had injury issues of his own. The 25-year-old has yet to make it through a full 16-game season, and he missed half of the 2017 campaign with an irregular heartbeat.

There’s a good chance the Bengals will be forced to turn back to Ogbuehi at some point in jerseys cheap nike

And Dalton’s will have guys in his face again.

Kenyon Martin


Who said protective face masks couldn’t be cool? Kenyon Martin’s designer, apparently. (Harrison Barnes’ agrees wholeheartedly.)

We get it. These are all functional and serve a greater purpose than high fashion. Martin broke his nose in 2002, and this monstrosity helped him get back inside the lines.

But the protective padding looks a lot like tape, which gives the mask a penny-pinching, D.I.Y. nfl nike jerseys china

Tracy McGrady’s brief 2006 stint in a mask seems unremarkable. The look didn’t really stand out, and the injury that necessitated it didn’t involve a bone fracture.

But without it, how many people would remember Jake Voskuhl, whose accidental elbow to McGrady’s nose forced him to adopt the plastic-protected look? Giving Voskuhl an asterisk in the NBA annals has to count for something, right?

Even point gods need some extra protection every now and then.

Chris Paul’s facial injury fittingly occurred in the 2011-12 season, when he was handed the superhuman task of leading the Los Angeles Clippers to relevance. On March 9, 2012, Paul caught an elbow from San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green, new nike nfl jerseys cheap suffered a nasal fracture and still navigated his way to 36 points (on 60 percent shooting), 11 assists and four steals.

But the fracture meant a mask was needed, and Kenyon Martin knew from experience how bothersome one could be.

“It’s annoying and he plays point guard, so I don’t know how he’s going to do it,” Martin said, per Melissa Rohlin of the Los Angeles Times. “Trust me, I don’t know how he’s going to go out there and maneuver with that thing on.”buy nike nfl jerseys cheap

Martin, of course, forgot one key detail—he was discussing a superstar. Paul returned as the masked floor general just two nights later and totaled 23 points, five assists and three steals.

Make as many appearances on the injury report as Andrew Bogut did during his career, and you’ll probably have an experience or two with a facial guard.

Andrew Bogut had to wear one during his tenure with the Milwaukee Bucks and later on with the Golden State Warriors. This was the Milwaukee version, a less flattering accessory than what he’d wear as a Warrior.

Between the extra room around the nose and the way the straps don’t align, this seems like it was thrown together during a timeout. Add in the fog, and it looks more like a rec-league accessory than NBA nfl jerseys cheap paypal

Metrics 101: MLB’s Most Criminally Underpaid Stars

Everyone seems to love a good handwringing about overpaid Major League Baseball stars, but the truth is that the majority of them are actually underpaid.

Today, MLB Metrics 101 aims to shine light on the most egregious jerseys nike cheap

Hello and welcome back. Having already covered the worst contracts in MLB, we’re here to cover the other worst contracts. These are the ones for which the bang drastically outweighs the buck, provided they meet these qualifications:a33481098cc97d19e3517f0d22ae791c_crop_exactcheap nike nfl jerseys china

Only multiyear contracts worth less than $10 million per year were considered. Because they’re underpaid by default, no pre-arbitration or arbitration-eligible players are allowed.
Deals must still be active and have no strings attached. Jose Altuve, for example, technically isn’t finished with his notoriously cheap contract, but it’s now part of a much larger deal.
Deals must be at least two years old. So, nothing that began in 2017 or is beginning now in 2018.
new nike nfl jerseys cheap
With help from Spotrac, these ground rules produced a list of 54 players to choose from. Read on for more on how they’ll be sorted.

This time around, we’re looking for the biggest positive gaps.

One difference is that average annual value will be used as the measuring stick for what players are getting from their contracts. This is partially because AAV was a basis for the sample of players. It’s also a good way to control players who haven’t yet hit the big money in back-loaded deals.
buy nike nfl jerseys cheap
From here, it’s a matter of calculating the annual worth of each player’s performance.

Wins above replacement are one element of the equation. For that, we’ll be using the average of a player’s Baseball Reference WAR (rWAR) and his FanGraphs WAR for each season (not counting 2018, as it’s a tad too early for that) of his nfl jerseys cheap paypal

A Gentleman’s Guide to the NBA: When Players Agree to Take Plays Off

It was during his NBA debut when Jordan Bell heard the question posed for the first time. “You going?” buy nike nfl jerseys cheap Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic asked him.

This was late September, and Golden State, which had acquired Bell from the Chicago Bulls during that summer’s draft, was hosting the Nuggets. Bell, then a 22-year-old rookie, was standing next to Jokic, alongside the Oracle Arena paint, waiting for a Warriors player—he doesn’t remember which one—to shoot his second free throw. nike nfl jerseys cheap paypal He was planning on chasing after the rebound, just as he had in three seasons for the University of Oregon, for which, thanks to his bounce and 6’9″ frame, he’d averaged 6.8 rebounds per game.

“I’m not going,” Jokic added. Bell wasn’t sure whether the Nuggets star was lying or joking. But he knew it had to be one of the two. cheap nfl nike jerseys china Moments later, the second free throw left the shooter’s hand.

Jokic, keeping his promise, didn’t budge.hi-res-a7eae6d5cad1ced04fe84d73097389e2_crop_north

Bell was dumbfounded.

Soon after, he approached Jarron Collins, a Warriors assistant coach who also played 10 seasons in the NBA, and asked him about the nike nfl jersey

“[Collins] was like, ‘Yeah, it’s a thing that happens,'” Bell recalled recently. “He said that sometimes there’s no point of putting that beating on the body, so just be like, ‘Yo, you got this one.'”

Thanks to Jokic, Bell learned earlier than most this important lesson about NBA life: In a sport in which games can last nearly three hours and cheap nfl nike jersey  seasons almost nine months, it becomes essential to save strength for the more important moments. After all, 100 percent effort on 100 percent of plays would sap even the greatest of deities of their godly gifts and transform contests into stumbling slogs.