Korey Robertson, Southern Miss


—Plays like a much larger receiver than measured (6’1″, 212 lbs) and is incredibly physical.

—Excellent on breaking routes over the middle of the field.

—Uses his body to out-position defenders and boxes out on slants.

—Tough runner after the catch and will fight for yards.

—Strong hands and doesn’t get intimidated by defenders on his back.


—Lacks speed for his size with a timed 4.56 in the 40.

—Slow breaking off routes and doesn’t have twitch to his game.

—Ability to separate down the field is a major question mark.

—Thick frame worked in Conference USA against smaller competition.

—Bottom line: Can he get open in the NFL? His traits make it doubtful.


Korey Robertson’s tape is a lot of fun because he’s physical and aggressive, but once you break it down, you see a slow, heavy-footed receiver who will struggle to get loose in the pros. Robertson is a very good threat on slants and comebacks, but he lacks the speed to create space on those routes in the pros.

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—Used all over the field as a receiver, runner and returner.

—Runaway speed that helps him pull away as a threat to score every time he touches it.
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—Special teams skills alone are good enough to make a roster.

—Get-it-and-go type of returner who doesn’t waste time dancing to find space.5c2f5e46f0a8cfa7cdabb4011a453784_crop_exact

—Able to effectively get to edge and stab upfield with timing and anticipation.


—Lacks any sort of technique or refinement as a route-runner.replica nfl jerseys

—Lack of defined position that shows up in varied skill set without any true top-tier traits.

—Will struggle to play an auxiliary role on the field; he either has to have the ball or he’s a liability.

—Plays revved up and lacks spatial awareness to throttle down when burning by isn’t an option.
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—Slot receiver at best who doesn’t have the toughness to be a routine intermediate receiver over the middle of the field.